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Out-licensing Chemicals & Materials technologies with limited resources and in fragmented markets
View Presentation From informal know-how to highly patent-protected intellectual property, every industrial company owns technologies that are more or less formalized. For decades, it has been part of the core business for many large chemical companies to monetize them outside their own walls, putting in place some out-licensing processes. For example, Dow Chemical collects several hundreds of millions of dollars in annual licensing revenues.

Ensure HIGH BONDING STRENGTH in difficult environments for a wide range of substrates types with the new HPA transfer tapes and double coated range
View Presentation The assembly of high performance end-products often requires the bonding of dissimilar substrates, including low surface energy (LSE) substrates, while withstanding physical and chemical exposure to demanding environments.

Styrene Block Copolymer (SBC) for technical textile hot-melt adhesives When "technical" rhymes with "performance"
View Presentation Technical textile and non-woven ones represent a very broad range of application types, with distinct specific requirements (furniture, automotive interior, carpet, medical dressings, non-woven lamination...).

How POSS® Chemicals can Enhance Performance and Lead to Cost Savings: POSS® for Thermosets, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Dispersion aids
View Presentation POSS is a drop-in solution to increase your throughput and is used to expand the performance envelope of existing hydrocarbon thermosets, coatings, adhesives and high performance plastics. Dr. Joe Schwab, our POSS expert from Hybrid Plastics, will present through relevant case studies how POSS® provides significant benefits such as Improved hydrophobicity and chemical stability for demanding coatings, adhesives and composite resins and Enhanced flow and dispersion of high performance plastics.

Get an Overview of SBCs´ Benefits and Discover Why They Can Be a Cost-Effective Alternative in Your Day-to-Day Adhesive Formulations
View Presentation As an adhesive formulator, you may be familiar with Styrene Bloc Copolymers (SBCs)´s broad versatility, whatever the application, such as packaging, tapes and labels, transportation or B&C applications. But are you aware of the latest innovations in this field?

High Performance Silicone PSA For Wide-Ranging and Varied Applications
View Presentation In recent years, many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, E&E or circuitry have shown a growing interest for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tapes. However, Rubber and acrylic-based PSA´s often can´t meet certain technical requirements for the most demanding applications...

Window bonding and direct glazing with SMP in the transportation industry
View Presentation Meeting durability and quality requirements in the process of bonding windscreen with a minimum of surface treatment is now possible with Silyl Modified Polymers based adhesives which display good wetting, UV and temperature resistance, leading to durable adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

Learn more about new generation Silyl Modified Polymers for constructing tasks in Transportation
View Presentation Window or panel bonding in vehicles is one of the most complex adhesive applications. Indeed, bonding usually requires a pre-treatment of the surface with a primer in order to obtain good durability.

High Performance Technical Tapes For Your Specific Applications
View Presentation Electrical and Electronic applications such as printed circuit board assembly require extremely high performance masking tapes.

  • What is a Webinar?
    A Webinar is an online real-time meeting conducted by an expert in the chemical industry.

    Each Webinar topic is carefully chosen to help you staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and innovations.

    Using only a computer, you will join a live presentation with a group of like-minded professionals without having to spend time away from your office.
  • How much does a Webinar cost?
    All our Webinars are free of charge.
    [Please just note that Specialchem is not accountable for users' costs linked to participating in the Webinar, including but not limited to the phone and Internet connection fees even if Webinar is advertised by us as free of charge.]
  • How long does a Webinar take?
    Attending a Webinar is time-efficient! It lasts approx. one hour, Q&A session included.
  • What are prerequisites to attend a Webinar?
    (1) Become a full Omnexus Member.

    (2) Register online via our short registration form.

    (3) Have a computer with an Internet connection and a headset (preferably a USB headset) or a phone line.

    (4) Please note that every individual from your company who wishes to participate needs to register to the Webinar as the link to access the Webinar is unique to each registrant
  • How can I verify that my computer is configured for access to the Webinar?
    Our Webinars are conducted using Citrix GoToTraining. To confirm that your computer is configured for access to the event, please check GoToTraining system requirements
  • Can I interact live with the expert?
    - Yes. At the end of each presentation, a "Questions and Answers Session" is organized for you to ask your questions directly to the presenter.

    - If the presenter has no time left to answer your questions live, you can ask them by using the Q&A facility. The presenter will then have the possibility to answer them by e-mail after the meeting.
  • Can I get a copy of the presentation after the meeting?
    Yes. After the event, you will be offered to receive the presentation by e-mail.
  • I missed or couldn't attend the Webinar, so how can I view it?
    If you cannot participate to the live session of our Webinar, simply register online via our short registration form. We will e-mail you once the event is closed so that you can access the recorded version of our Webinar.
  • What are the differences between a Webinar and an e-Training Course?
    Both are live and interactive online events
    Webinars e-Training Courses
    Keep you up-to-date with latest trends Develop your skills and Acquire new expertise
    Free avg 320€
    Raw Material, Technology, Innovations Updates Troubleshooting, Market Overview, Best Practices, Regulations
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